Ways To Help


Wanderer’s End Sanctuary is a Silvopasture Forest Farm that also fosters animals in need. We are a home for regular pets, plateau domesticated livestock and wild animals. We are putting in a community garden in our new location in Marquand, MO.


Help us by shopping in our retail online store, WE-mart or find a steal in our Estate Auction Leftovers and resale shop. Or check out our Forest Farm goods that helps to fund our endeavors. Hoping to in the future provide free food for low income and CSA gardens for contributors, Wanderer’s End Sanctuary is home to silvopastured (think garden of edan) wildlife and miniature or small livestock that live among the fruit and vegetables, to help us with pest control, fertilization and clean up of excess.

We are just starting out again (lost last property to a flood) so if anyone has any unwanted critters that need a job, or anyone with a green thumb that wants to learn silvopasture, restorative agriculture, permaculture or edan styled gardening, let us know!

There are so many ways to help the animals and our cause…and some of the things listed below might be just the perfect fit for you! From Donations to Adoptions & Pledges, to resale or retail purchase to In-kind Donations and Volunteering, to Planned Giving Options, to Organic waste donation, to Attending or Sponsoring Fundraising Events…and much more.


Choose the things that are right for you…and the animals thank you!​



When you join us for FREE on bUnite, we get $10 towards our fundraiser and you also Get paid to unite



Shop on TopHatter & WES will Earn a $5 credit after your first purchase!


Make A Donation

Make a Donation to the Sanctuary to help support our important work.  Your donation today will help us rescue & rehabilitate more animals, as well as provide them with large acreage natural habitats to live in the rest of their lives.  You can make a difference - donate today - and help us change their lives forever!



We were on20190311-112936.jpgly planning to be rescuing miniature /small livestock,
but we stepped in to help these babies out! Will you?

Our rescued animals are hoping to find a good family…a family who cares about them and meets their needs with caring and compassion. Making a good family for the animals – after all they’ve endured before being rescued – is what our mission is all about.

Adopt An Animal



Pledge Your Support

One of the easiest ways to help the animals at The Wanderers End Sanctuary is to PLEDGE your support!

It’s also one of the BEST ways to help the animals because it assures consistent contributions on an ongoing basis, which is critical to making sure the basics – food and veterinary care – are met each month.  You can pledge your support monthly, quarterly or annually, and we offer four options to make it easy.


The Sanctuary is not a zoo… and therefore we do not have a large paid staff, or an army of personnel to take care of every task that needs to be done - therefore - our facility is operated by a smaller number of staff and a much large number of very dedicated volunteers.


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