We rely on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers to help do the necessary daily work required to keep the sanctuary running smoothly. Volunteers are typically needed on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and are especially appreciated on Special Event or Full Moon weekends.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must visit for a tour at least once prior to applying

How to apply:
Complete application and submit it via email or mail. Applications can be picked up in the WE Mart following the tour OR applicants can email us to request an application.

Once the application is reviewed, a sanctuary representative may contact the applicant to set up an Orientation. Orientations last 1 hour, and are held before or after weekend tours. During orientation, the applicant will be given an overview of the volunteer program and be asked to complete an assigned task. A Wanderers End Sanctuary representative will provide an evaluation of their work. After orientation, if the applicant is interested in becoming a volunteer, they should submit their availability for the next 30 days by email.

If the applicant’s skills and availability meet our needs, they will be placed on the schedule for training. New volunteers must complete at least 2 days of training before being placed on the volunteer schedule. During training, the trainee will shadow an existing volunteer. After the second day of training, if the new volunteer is accepted into the program, they will be placed on the schedule and given a name badge. They should review and sign the Volunteer Rules form at this time. If a volunteer is interested in photographing the animals, they must sign a media release form which will be filed with their records.

Volunteer status:
Volunteers are placed on the schedule on an as-needed basis. During the winter months, we typically have less visitors, and less outdoor work to complete, so volunteers may not be scheduled for all of their desired hours. Volunteers should submit their availability via email no later than the 23rd of the preceding month, and will be contacted if they are not needed for a particular day that they listed. Volunteers are not permitted to come help without notice. Volunteers must call the information center or email if they cannot make it on a scheduled day. If volunteers miss a day without notifying the appropriate party, more than 3 times they will be dismissed and no longer permitted to volunteer.

Volunteers are typically needed on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun, before, during, and after tour times. For public tours, they should arrive no later than 1.5 hours before the tour, and are encouraged to stay at least until the tour is over. Help is needed both indoor (gift shop cleaning, inventory, filing, etc.) and outdoor (weeding, snow/ice removal, preparing feed, installing/repairing fencing, etc.). Volunteers are expected to listen to assigned tasks and are not permitted to wander the property if their assigned task is not yet completed.


Tour Guide and Animal Care Requirements:
Volunteers interested becoming a tour guide or participating in animal care, must first complete a minimum of 500 hours of volunteer service in order to be eligible for evaluation for the position. After completing their hours, the president and caretaker will give an evaluation accompanied by a brief interview to determine their eligibility.

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