Dandelion Dried Leaves Loose Root Herbal Tea - Taraxacum

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is the unassuming powerhouse of herbal medicine. Often mischaracterized as a weed, dandelion (the leaf in particular) is packed with beneficial nutrients that allow it to make substantial, positive contributions toward supporting good health. In traditional Chinese medicine, dandelion is used to encourage liver health, nourish bones and joints, and support the body’s normal detoxification routes. The plant is easy to grow, easy to use, and its many positive attributes might surprise you.

These plants were hand harvested, thoroughly washed and naturally dried whole, root and all. Alcohol soluble, this herb is best made into a tincture for use, although the leaves can be brewed into a tea, or smoked as well. 

Dried organic dandilion, all parts of plant, cut stem, leaves, and flowering tops/buds.

As with any herbs, please do some research if you are interested in its various uses.

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